Daniela Garza studied Fine Arts at the Metropolitan State University of Denver with an emphasis in painting. Denver was the start of her artistic career, in 2006 she opened Stripes Gallery, in the heart of RINO, River North Art District, representing local and international artists. She also worked for the Museo de las Americas, as a Maestra sharing her profound appreciation for Mexican art and history to her students as well as other arts from the Americas.
She currently resides in Boudry, Switzerland and has a home in the south of France that she visits as much as possible working in both places on her art. Her roots embedded in duality, being a first generation Mexican American and now living in Switzerland and going from one home to the other in France she feels this duality again. Daniela explains, “It is as if I am constantly between worlds like a cloud floating between the earth’s atmospheres, I am connected by air to everything.” Her curiosity about the world inspires her to challenge herself and ask questions translating the bridge between art and life into artistic form. She believes art should have no limits and uses whatever material or medium necessary to visually express and transform her ideas into her own artistic realities.