Duri Productions/Collaborations

Duri Productions

collaborating the ideas of a moments time and making them last.
“duri” korean word for two/ “durí ” passat simple Catalan verb durar

Duri productions began when Daniela realized her first collaboration, “Día de los Muertos”  with multimedia artist, Zac Dunn (Uziego) who resides in New York City. After doing several collaborations with Zac, Daniela became a fellow artist of Savages Never Sleep (SNS) and currently they work together on various artistic projects. She has also worked with other photographers and artists in other cities such as Barcelona and Tokyo on other bodies of work. She will soon go to Puebla, Mexico where she will be a resident artist at Arquetopia Foundation and International Artist Residency, collaborating with other artists and the community, working on a series of photographs inspired by the popular Mexican game, La Loteria that she has been wanting to do for a very long time and realizing her dream of making art in her beloved Mexico.
 “I find that the creative energy that is experienced in a collaboration is a forging of two separate entities into one reality.”



Ballerina Smoke
no fumo, ni bailo ballet pero en este momento en particular si
photographic collaborations in Barcelona



Savages Never Sleep
self portraits taken by Daniela Garza pushed together into video format by Zac Dunn,  Uziego     

Mainichi aitai